Behind the Head Face Masks

With face masks becoming a fixture in our daily lives many of us are finding that we need to find ways to make them a little more comfortable. Masks with ear loops are the most common type to find but they are not necessarily the best.

There is a solution to this and that is face masks that don’t loop around the ears. These are face masks that strap around the head instead and they can be a better fit and be more comfortable.

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Benefits of Behind the Head Face Mask

A behind the head face mask has the added benefit of allowing for a tighter fit. With masks that loop over the ears, you can end up with lots of gaps where the mask doesn’t fit quite close enough to your head. You are providing a little safer environment for everyone if you can get a mask that fits well.

Another issue with ear loops is that if you are wearing them for long periods of time it can start to hurt and rub your ears. A mask that fits around your head removes this level of discomfort completely.

Behind the Head Face Mask Holder

If you can’t find an around the head face mask you like then there is a solution to get a mask holder. These can be made in different ways and are usually a strip that sits comfortably at the back of your head that you can loop your mask ear loops around instead of having them sit around your ears.

This is a great solution as it works in a similar way to a mask with head straps but means that you can convert any face covering you have to a better fitting and more comfortable mask.

This is one example and the holder is made from silicone and has adjustable hook grips so that you can hook the loops of any face mask around the back of your head comfortably.

Behind the Head Face Mask Clips

Similar to a mask holder but with a slightly different design is the behind the head face mask clips. These are usually made out of plastic or flexible material with loops that you can attach the ear loops of a standard face covering to. The benefit of these is that they can come in adjustable designs – perfect to account for different hairstyles or different sizes of heads.

This is an example of a face mask clip made from elastic so that it is both adjustable and will move with you as you move. The design of this one is an elastic strap and plastic hooks for you to hook the elastic of your face covering around.

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Behind the Head Face Mask Strap

This is another type of face mask holder and is similar to all of the other holder designs but these tend to be a strip of material with buttons or a method of attaching your face mask ear loops to.

These can come in plastic designs too and these tend to have different places to attach the loops so that you can get the perfect fit.

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