Breathable Face Masks

Face masks are a necessity that we all need to get used to as we get to grips with the pandemic but these are also likely to be a feature we need to get used to for the foreseeable future.

One of the biggest difficulties new mask wearers find is that it can make breathing a little uncomfortable. Not because you aren’t getting enough oxygen, but because you are more aware of your breath and it can make you feel a little hot while wearing one.

There are more breathable face masks available but it is important to make sure it fits the current guidelines to ensure you and others safety.

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Unisex Breathable Reusable & Washable Cotton Face Mouth Nose Mask with Automatic Breathing Valve and PM 2.5 Filters (5 x Masks, Black)
  • Each Face mask comes with 2 x PM 2.5 filters (5 Masks & 10 Filters Total)
  • Breathable, washable and reusable
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Breathable Face Mask Features

When looking for a face mask that is breathable then you need to be careful to pick one that is both safe and has all the features you need for comfortable wear and breathability.

When choosing a mask watch out for:-

  • The material it is made from. The more loose weave the fabric the cooler it is to wear. Just beware you want a mask to be safe as well as breathable so don’t go for something with too loose weave type of fabric.
  • An exhalation valve can really help wearing a mask be a little more comfortable. Most of the problems people think of when it comes to face masks are what it feels like to have your hot breath on your face. An exhalation valve can help with this.
  • Appropriate layers. Current guidelines state that a three-layer mask is the best type to wear and for best results, you need to have an inner soft layer that soaks up moisture, an outer layer that is semi water-resistant to stop droplets and bacteria to be transmitted and then a filter layer for added protection.

Breathable Face Mask Materials

The material a face mask is made from is an important aspect of how breathable and comfortable it is to wear. Current guidelines advise us to wear a reusable face-covering made from fabric but which fabric is best?

The answer might be surprising as some tests have shown that cotton t-shirt material is the best material for a face covering for both reducing droplets and for breathability. So look for cotton masks and if you can find some made out of a stretchy polyester and cotton mix it should be even more comfortable.

Face Masks That Are Easy to Breathe In

So, if you are looking for a comfortable and breathable face mask then look for one made from t-shirt cotton type materials that fit tightly, yet comfortably. If you can get one that comes with an exhalation valve or filter then you will be even more comfortable.

What Are The The Most Breathable Face Masks

All face masks should be designed for you to be able to breathe through but some are more lightweight and comfortable than others. Most commonly these are made with a lightweight fabric rather than a heavy cotton style.

One of the best breathable face masks would be one like this one made by AR. They have utilised some of the best technologies to create a safe mask that is comfortable to wear and includes a filter and exhalation valve to help you breathe without suffering from the issues of hot breath.

Reebok Neck Warmer - Geocast
  • Functioning as a scarf, hat or bandana; the Reebok neck warmer is a multifunctional running tool
  • Made from plush Lycra material, the Neck Warmer provides total comfort and durability
  • Designed with a reflective logo, the warmers boosts visibility for added safety in low light

An alternative is this one made by Reebok. This is a mask that is designed for you to exercise in so should be comfortable for most people to wear. It is designed to be close-fitting and is made with two layers. The soft polyester and elastane make it a comfortable fit that stretches with you rather than working against you as you move.

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