Custom Face Masks

Are you looking for something a little more bespoke than your average face mask? We don’t blame you! Face masks are likely to be a fixture in all our lives for the foreseeable future. After all, we all want to keep ourselves and everyone else safe during this difficult time. Luckily you can easily find a custom face mask.

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Where to Buy Custom Face Mask

You could always make your own mask. They are relatively easy to make and then you could choose your own fabrics. But, this is time-consuming and not everyone has the time or the equipment needed. If this sounds like you then don’t worry, there are plenty of places you can go to find a custom face mask maker.

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The obvious place to go when looking for a customer face mask is Etsy. This is a website full of artisans and craftspeople making unique designs that fit everything you need, even if you’re after a funky Steampunk mask. They might already be selling just what you want!

However, if you do want to have something made that is unique to you then you could take a look at Contrado. This is a company offering custom face mask printing so you can make a custom face mask using your own designs.

Make Custom Face Mask Online

When it comes to face masks some surprising companies are getting on board. Vistaprint is known for printing business cards and materials so they are perfectly set up to start offering customised face masks too.

You can choose your own designs or if you are looking for a specific custom face masks with logo design then you can create it on their website and have it printed and sent to you.

A filter is an important part of mask safety so if you can find a custom mask maker that also offers a three-layer mask design including a filter then you are wearing the best type of mask for both safety and design. Snapfish is one place that is offering this. You can pick from their ready-made designs or design your own custom face mask with filter to wear.

Where to Buy Personalised Face Mask Online

If you are looking for a personalised face mask then you could head to an old favourite for personalised designs and gifts – Funkypigeon. They have a great selection of designs to choose from or you can just make your own.

Photobox is another place we have been heading for years for calendars and gifts personalised with our own photos and text so it is no surprise they have started to make personalised face masks. They have a great selection of designs to choose from and you can overlay your own text onto the mask.

If you want to commemorate a special event or have a particular picture or design you love then you can even find personalised mask makers on Amazon. This face covering is made from washable fabric and have the option to add a filter later to it too. You can add your own photo or pick a favourite design for them to print.

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